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That’s Alan on the right. 


T. S. Eliot’s illustrated letters. (via)

“He spoke with authority and shortness, and hiccuped to convey the absolute and assured quality of his refusal.”

—   Wyndham Lewis, Tarr
“A giant yellow rubber duck floating on Nanming River in China’s south-west Guizhou Province has reportedly been swept away by floodwaters just months after it exploded on display in Taiwan.”

Sincora Antwren (by jquental)


Sincora Antwren (by jquental)

that’s alan on the right

Story of Alan’s life. (Marsupial mole edition)

“The current measurement systems ignore our virtual salaries. We earn these salaries by selling our privacy and attention for zero and spending hours deleting targeted emails. Using those salaries, we purchase services that are worth billions.”

—   Bill Davidow

“spare a thought for the armadillo. The nine-banded kind is doing far better in the US than the three-banded is in Brazil. It is spreading northwards, helped by giving birth each pregnancy to identical quadruplets, and by its ability to float across rivers by inflating its bowels.”

—   Hugh Pennington
That’s me on the right.

That’s me on the right.

“In 1868, writing of an attractive woman he saw on a boat trip to Lulworth, [Thomas Hardy] remarked: ‘Saw her for the last time standing on deck as the boat moved off. White feather in hat, brown dress, Dorset dialect, classic features, short upper lip. A woman I wd have married offhand, with probably disastrous results.’”

—   Tim Parks / LRB

“in the course of a week, he held up two stores and three pedestrians with a pocketknife, apologizing at length before running away. “I was just a terrible thief,” he told me. Two men foiled Genis’s attempt to mug them by throwing a pizza at him. One irate store owner—a petite woman who was shuttering a tea shop for the night—replied to his demand for money by demanding that he “get the fuck out.” Genis complied.”

—   NY’er [oddly compelling]

You can be Aagot, Arney or Ásfríður; Baldey, Bebba or Brá. Dögg, Dimmblá, Etna and Eybjört are fine; likewise Frigg, Glódís, Hörn and Ingunn. Jórlaug works OK, as do Obba, Sigurfljóð, Úranía and – should you choose – Vagna.

But you cannot, as a girl in Iceland, be called Harriet.

—   Guardian (via sifflet)
That’s Alan on the right.
Story of Alan’s life. fuckyeahdementia:

Alejandro Sabella and the worst trust fall of all time.